Terms & Agreements

A 50% deposit is required for all new or existing customers when you book your appointment. This is to ensure your appointment slot. The deposit will go towards the remaining balance due at the time of the cleaning. Pure Cleaning has a 48 hr cancellation policy. If an appointment is missed, canceled or changed with less than 48hr 

notice, the 50% deposit will be non refundable. Pure Cleaning realizes that there are many things that come up in people’s day to day lives.  While truly sympathetic, our company cannot absorb the financial responsibility of last-minute cancellations.  Pure Cleaning does not double book appointment times. This policy is in effect regardless of the reason for cancellation.

Terms of Service / Future Appointments

1. Due to the unique needs of each job, we will not be able to guarantee the availability of the appointment date you have requested. In the unlikely event that your job can't be accommodated on the date requested, we will try to get you the closest date possible.


2. We base all sight unseen quotes solely on bedrooms. To ensure the accuracy of your quote, a walkthrough will be conducted on the day of your cleaning. In the rare case that a price adjustment is needed, this will be done before the cleaning begins.

3. Unfortunately, we cannot service homes in the following condition:  MOLD and/or INSECT INFESTED. For the safety of our cleaners, we also can't clean any animal or human waste.

4. Pets: Although we are animal-friendly, we prefer that all pets be put up at the time of the cleaning to ensure the safety of our cleaners. If at any time our cleaners feel unsafe around a pet they have the right to retrieve to safety (stepping outside of the home) and refuse to clean your home.

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